The Ride

The Great British Adventure

On Sunday 21st June 2015 - You, our adventurers will gather, bikes polished and magnificent for a 3 route tour of the Peak District. Bells will ring and the thrill of 3,000 riders on pre-1987 bikes will resonate around hill and through vale for Eroica Britannia.

Come and experience a true Great British Adventure. An exploration of some of the most beautiful countryside punctuated by World class heritage sites and areas of astonishing beauty. Plus - enjoy our 'Feast Stops' laden with local food and drink to nourish, sustain, surprise and delight you. All food and drink on whichever route you choose is included in your Ride ticket price.

We have a top tip! Ahead of all these wonders! Get your training in! The Peak District may sound friendly but we're got a real challenge lined up for you!

What They Say

"You must ride a vintage bike older than 1987. Your attire should be of similar age, as well as your shoes, gloves and other accessories but don’t be mistaken, this is no casual jaunt around the park. This is no leisurely stroll, only sated by a cold beer at a pub. Eroica Britannia is a ride for cyclists." The Radavist

"It was great riding and by the time we came off the trail and hit a first (unofficial) coffee stop, the true character of the event was really starting to show. This wasn’t really a race, it was a grand social occasion. Nobody was in a hurry and riders sat around sipping espressos, chatting, joking and admiring each other’s vintage attire. A wonderful atmosphere." Men's Health Magazine


100 miles
30 miles
55 miles
Eroica Britannia Route Map

Short 30m

A great choice for riders of all levels of fitness. It is fairly undulating but definitely enough of a stretch to give you a challenge.

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Medium 55m

A bit more adventurous and does require you to be reasonably fit. Several long climbs will give you a stern work out – but the descents are glorious!

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Long 100m

A real challenge but it covers all the very best of the Peak District National Park. Open to all you Men and Women of Steel out there!

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What They Say

"When I found him at the finish three hours later, he had completed the 55-mile route, 30 per cent of it off-road, with his pride and joy hacked together as a singlespeed. “The worst ride of my life,” he grinned. That, in an nutshell, is Eroica Britannia. The event, in which you are only allowed to ride pre-1987 bicycles, is less sportive, more vintage rally. The trick is not getting your body to the finish line, it’s getting your bike there." The Times