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Make no mistake, Eroica Britannia is a challenge. Choose the distance that suits you and your ability. While the weekend Festival is all about good times The Ride is not a fancy dress procession. From the moment of signing up, it's months of planning, training and preening to be part of a weekend to remember. Being a hero requires you to marvel in the pain of the up, relish the joy of the flat and delight in the thrill of the down. Cheered home by crowds of thousands. All in it together collectively riding over 250,000 miles on Sunday all in the spirit of a time gone by.

We stand for spirit, authenticity, adventure, heritage and passion. Eroica Britannia awakens these emotions and strikes up the feelings of freedom, challenge and camaraderie. We are ‘The World's Most Handsome Bike Ride’ and this is The Great British Adventure. Heroes we salute you.

Your ride place includes

Your ride place includes, all food and drink offered at the food stops on Ride Day, your goody bag on registration and your 3-day Festival pass.

Tickets are selling fast. We will not be increasing the number of Riders in 2017. There are as many places as we had in 2016 so we advise you to book without delay.

Enter as a team

Team entries are open! If you’re a group of riders of 6 or more, register now and get a Field Card for Festival bar discounts and more!

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Cycling Weekly

"Back at the festival after an exciting 55 miles of road and gravel, our group reconnected and talked about the experiences of the road. The stories were all the same: old bikes are brilliant fun, long descents and old brakes make for aching hands, and why didn’t we all keep our pre-1987 bikes? They’re great fun!"

Men's Health Magazine

"It was great riding and by the time we came off the trail and hit a first (unofficial) coffee stop, the true character of the event was really starting to show. This wasn’t really a race, it was a grand social occasion. Nobody was in a hurry and riders sat around sipping espressos, chatting, joking and admiring each other’s vintage attire. A wonderful atmosphere."

The Radavist

"Eroica Britannia is not a themed ride in that sense, although many of those traits apply here. You must ride a vintage bike older than 1987. Your attire should be of similar age, as well as your shoes, gloves and other accessories but don’t be mistaken, this is no casual jaunt around the park. This is no leisurely stroll, only sated by a cold beer at a pub. Eroica Britannia is a ride for cyclists."


Choose your mileage through forest, field and trail


Short Route


Elevation 1,557 ft
Difficulty 2/6
Typically 3-4 Hrs

A great choice for riders of all levels of fitness. It is fairly undulating but definitely enough of a stretch to give you a challenge.

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Medium Route


Elevation 3,888 ft
Difficulty 4/6
Typically 6-8 Hrs

A bit more adventurous and does require you to be reasonably fit. Several long climbs will give you a stern work out – but the descents are glorious!

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Long Route


Elevation 8,128 ft
Difficulty 6/6
Typically 8-10 Hrs

A real challenge but it covers all the very best of the Peak District National Park. Open to all you Men and Women of Steel out there!

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This year’s Eroica Britannia art poster takes inspiration from the nostalgic travel posters of the 1940's. Hand-painted tones have been specially applied to portray the atmosphere and celebration of The Great British Adventure.

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GO Outdoors

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"Covering a total distance of 100 miles, The Long Route is an ultimate test of cycling ability and both physical and mental fitness."

Active Traveller

Top 10 Cycling Festivals in Europe

"It’s not just about the riding though – this huge three-day festival welcomed some 40,000 people last year with is mix of live music, bike jumbles, bars, eateries, camping."

Total Women Cycling

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"Eroica rides are something completely different to any other sportive. Organised around cycling festivals, they celebrate the heritage and history of two wheeled travel."



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Off & Away on Ride Day

There and back again from Friden Grange

The Start

An early morning Festival startline. Mind racing, final checks, number pinned, anticipation builds. Road book stamped, coffee fix. Joyful thoughts, freedom awaits! Your time is now.

The Endeavour

Legs spin, eager from months of training. Settling down - you know what’s ahead. Smiles, belly laughter, teeth grit and muscles strain. Camaraderie lifts you. New friends made.

The Trails

The crunch of gravel, the slip of stone. Historic arterial travel routes restored, repurposed for a deeply connective plunge into the country way. Important, wondrous, privileged travel-ways.

The Villages

Beautifully British gems. In 2017 a spotlight shines on old favourites and new discoveries. Stop, stay-a-while, explore and slow it all down to experience real village life.

Food Stops

Beacons of satisfaction. Brimming with the goodness of the Summer and tastes of the land. Approach with gusto and drink till sated. This is your beautiful day, fuel it finely.

The Finish

Listen for your name and get ready. Lifted by rapturous applause, tired legs forgotten, road book stamped, glory and conquest are yours. A Handsome and heroic ending.

Rules & Regulations

Keeping you on the straight and narrow

Heroic bikes will only be permitted. Road racing bikes built before 1987 both with gears and without gears. Get up to speed on your need to knows for your bike and your kit.

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"This three-day festival in Derbyshire, celebrating all things old-school pedal-powered."

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"Vintage sounds with vintage wheels is how Martin Fry, the frontman of 80s New Wave band ABC, has described this hugely popular Peak District festival."

Casquette Magazine

Everyone's Favourite Vintage Cycling Festival

"The big draw is a ride that invites you to flex your sartorial (and leg) muscles to recreate the looks of a bygone era."


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