Days to go!
16-18 June 17

“This dear friends,
  is home.”

In 2017 we will set up our glorious 3-day Family Festival Camp on the green and pleasant lands surrounding Friden Grange.

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Eroica Britannia - British Cycling Festival

16 - 18 JUNE 2017

day One

day Two

day Three

The Great British Adventure 2017

We have a new home for our handsome 3-day Festival camp! We are remaining in the beautiful lands of The Peak District National Park and are very much looking forward to putting down roots in the green and pleasant farmlands surrounding Friden Grange on the weekend of the 16-18th June 2017.

We have a whole new adventure for you on Sunday 18th June 2017 as our new location in turn changes our three route bike tour with some marvellous new additions and surprises to the routes.


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